When we are busy wishing for the dead to come alive, 

we may miss enjoying the presence of those still alive. 

Bad news isn’t something we can control. Things happen. As they say, ’S**t happens’. We can’t like all that happens to us in life. That’s alright! We feel sad when someone dies, we feel sad when someone gets hurt, we feel sad when dreams are shattered, when people leave and so on. Feeling sad when things go wrong is understandable. But if you choose to prolong that sad feeling for days, months, and years – that’s when it becomes a misery. And misery is optional! Bad situations don’t equate to misery. Your choice to stay put in a bad state dictates misery. Some people have made an unconscious habit to stay miserable. Something would’ve gone wrong months or years back. They still think of it and feel bad, feel sorry for themselves, and hence make misery mandatory in their lives. 

When we make misery mandatory, we dictate that mood for the rest of our lives. Good things would have been waiting to happen. But looking at the miserable state, good things turn away thinking it’s not the right time, or we aren’t ready for it. Staying in a state of denial or self-pity only makes life further miserable. It’s okay to fall in a well or jump in a well even! But choosing to stay there for a long time isn’t a great choice. Get out quickly. The sooner you get out, the more you’ll allow good things to come your way. Sometimes, good things are happening too but we fail to take notice of them because we are so busy feeling miserable about something else. 

It’s time to realise that death, break-ups, or other bad things aren’t causing the misery. It’s living with regrets that make us miserable.

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