Some of us tend to build a wall around us as a protective layer. Like a fort – where no one can come in unless we let them in. And we have a rigorous process that pans across a few days, months or years even. After careful scrutiny is when we make the big decision to let someone into that fort of ours. Why do we do this? Perhaps because someone took advantage of us, or took us for granted in the past. And we don’t want to repeat the same mistakes by letting people in just like that. We learn to be cautious. For all the right reasons! 

What we don’t realise is that this very protective nature of us is what’s paving the way for us to be broken not once, not twice, but on a regular basis. It’s like this – when you leave it open, people come and go freely. When you try to resist, people try to forcefully break-in, and then exit. The more we try to protect ourselves, the more we get hurt. 

The simple thing to realise is that you aren’t so fragile that you can be broken easily. And, there’s nothing within you that can be broken but cannot be rebuilt. Every experience offers valuable learning. When we regret, we miss the learning. So, be an active learner. Don’t try to avoid life. The walls might be putting off all the good people for all you know. They may not consider it worth their time to break all the resistance and come in. The naughty ones might consider it a good entertainment to break-in. So, think whether your wall is helping you or is it increasing your fear. The more we try to protect, the more fearful we are of it being robbed, stolen or broken. Be free. Set yourself free. Trust yourself the most. Trust that you have the capacity to bounce back in life always. And no one is breaking you. They are only breaking their own reputation. 

3 Replies to “By doing this, you are creating the fastest way to get yourself broken”

  1. Ritudewan 4 years ago

    Very encouraging and motivating words, a new perspective towards life. I loved the line “Trust that you have the capacity to bounce back in life always.”

    1. Thank you so much Ritu 🙂

  2. gsriramamurty 4 years ago

    Good one.

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