The creator has created. 

It’s up to the designer now. 

The creator has done the job – creating you, giving you everything you need. How you make sense of each of your skills, challenges, abilities, blessings is up to you. You can complain about your life. Or put things together in a way that makes you happy. 

The designer has the raw materials. You can see it as scrap since they just look random at this point. Or, put them together in context and frame so that they come in handy when you are in the game.

There are problems and challenges en-route. Since we have to learn to use our tools. In doing so, we build our confidence – that we can do some great stuff too.

The ability to speak or communicate is embedded already. The creator can’t help anymore. It’s up to you to put it together. When you put them together, you can either make nightmares or memories. 

We were not created equal. We were created unique so that we each have something to create, something to celebrate and something to be inspired by.

To bake a cake the ingredients are the same. But how do you choose to put things together makes it appealing and appetising. 

The creator stops at creation. It is the designer who gives direction to the creation. Your future is a result of how you imagine in your present. Hence, imagine in your favour!

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