No one needs to show us that which we can see for ourselves!

Truth is not for interpretation. Truth is not for convenience.

The real truth can liberate and awaken You!

And to see it, one has to be bravely vulnerable.

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If someone were to tell you that you are putting on weight or, you seem to be getting irritated quickly, or you are very egoistic, or you brag too much – how would that be? Definitely not the nicest of things to hear, isn’t it? These are things that we are perhaps better off realizing for ourselves rather than others pointing it out.

No one should ever have to show us a mirror. A mirror is something that we can see for ourselves. They can show us something that we truly don’t know. But not something that we already know deep within but don’t wish to see or acknowledge.

Facing the truth can be liberating. It enables us to effectively deal with what we have to deal. Lying to ourselves and others or masking the truth, takes us away from the real issue and hence, makes the solution-finding that much difficult.

By not being true to myself I am choosing to be powerless and without choices to do anything about the issue.

Take an example; let’s say I fought with my friend. If I don’t face the truth, I can easily say things that may please my ego or blame my friend/others/situation/destiny for what happened. However, if I have the courage to face the truth, I wouldn’t be playing the blame game. I will have the guts to say here’s where I went wrong too and it will give me the strength to course correct and do what’s right for me and my friend.

When I distort reality and misrepresent facts to speak in my favor, it may momentarily help. But in the long run, it catches up with a heavy price that I may have to pay.

If you have the strength to face it, face it now than later
If you have the power to heal, heal yourself now than later
If you have wronged someone, ask for forgiveness now than later
If you have the strength to forgive, forgive now than later
If you can do something, do it now than later
Later is for those who can’t face the Now
Now is where is the power to change, accept and move-on.
Now is for those who can. And there really isn’t anyone who can’t.

Truth is not about being abrasive. It’s about being brave and vulnerable at the same time. The real truth is the one that liberates and awakens YOU, not others. Every person has to face their own truth. For that, it is important to be true about the real truth than our version of it. The facts of a matter, matter! Not the interpretations of it. A truth that is based on convenience is no truth at all!

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5 Replies to “Facing your Inner Truth”

  1. I totally, completely, whole heartedly agree! My blog Get Real is centered around this concept. Facing one’s shortcomings and failures and inner demons can be one of the most painful and terrifying things a person has to do in life. In my case, it wasn’t until a life crisis forced me to. However once I began to face the truth about myself, I have found the empowerment and freedom that honest, positive change brings. Thanks so much for sharing, I really enjoyed it!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experience. I went through your post of choice and consequence. Couldn’t agree more. And it’s really wonderful that you found your freedom and the ability to change for yourself. Remarkable! It becomes a wonderful journey, isn’t it!

      1. It certainly has its more difficult moments, but I’m finding that they are worth working through and not running from. Facing an ugly truth is not easy, but it makes all the difference.

  2. Great blog….Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you buddy!

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