If anyone tries to make you feel guilty for taking time off for yourself and expects you to be on for them 24/7, let them know it isn’t advisable, in the best of their interest. If you feel guilty by yourself, without anyone having to do so, then it’s time to tell yourself the same too. Whichever way you see it, it has repercussions in the long term.

There are some who take as much time for themselves, without a care in the world. There are some who feel guilty taking time off for themselves and feel like they owe an explanation or justification if they ever really have to. They push themselves to work even when they are not feeling that well mentally, physically, or going through a rough patch in their lives. They feel they are the torch bearers and have to keep the torch held high without any support even their hand is sore and burning in the meantime. It isn’t advisable.

Remember the world has, can and will exist even without you, just as well as it is now. Imagine if you were to suddenly drop dead today. What do you think will happen? Yes, some people might miss you and feel bad, but eventually, they’ll move on and find ways to exist. So, don’t try to kill yourself trying to over-accommodate everyone or everything all the time. Instead of doing all the work, getting exhausted and then lashing out at people for not being understanding, or feeling bitter that you don’t have support, be proactive in asking for help. No one will know that you need help if you don’t openly seek. If you simply go about doing everything on your own all the time, people think you like doing things yourself or you don’t know what else to do in your life, or you have no problem doing all the work. And when you don’t seem to have a problem, why would they?

Remember that each person is responsible for their life, and you don’t have to take responsibility or be in charge of everyone. You can express concern and do your bit to assist, (if they seek or offer to the extent appropriate). But don’t create unnecessary dependencies on you and make people grow into incompetent nincompoops. You will then neither be doing yourself a favor nor them. These dependencies might temporarily feel good. But after a point, you will notice it comes with its own disadvantages.

It is important to fulfill your duties and it is equally important to hold others accountable towards fulfilling theirs too. If they are not, life will enable them to learn their lessons sooner or later. But the more you try to spoon-feed, the farther they will be from taking responsibility for their own lives. And you won’t last forever to help them out. So, rather than feeling guilty for taking time for yourself, please take time to quieten your mind, body, and spirit. Rejuvenate, and get back with more energy. Don’t miss out on life and yourself being mindlessly busy. No one is going to share your regret for it at the end. It’s only you!

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