There are lots of things that we get free in this world – like air, nature, love, special offers, advice 🙂 etc.

Some of the things that are freely available are of immense value while some others may not be as valuable. And hence, it is useful to have a filter before accepting what is offered. The important question would be – “Do I really need it?”

For example, when we visit someone for a meal, out of love, the host serves more food on your plate than you might need. Although the intent is positive, the effect may not be. When the body takes in more than what is required it turns into a toxic waste. The concept of ‘don’t waste food’ is good if you keep it to the extent of taking only what is necessary on your plate. But when it comes to finishing what is on your plate, irrespective of whether your body needs it or not – that makes it poisonous. At least, if left on your plate, it may prove useful for other forms of life. Another example would be at a buffet meal. The variety is vast and we want to do justice to all that is available and that is where we give a chance for some toxic waste to be accumulated in our body.

Information today is also widely available and almost for free. Ask Google, and it will never let you down. You will get what you want, may want and don’t want as well. This may lead to what we call an ‘information overload’. But imagine if we use a filter to take only what we need. Then information remains useful and relevant. Also, the chaos and confusion due to excess information is avoided. Information overload is often a result of filter failure at our end than anything else.

Another example is guilt, abuse, negative energy, advice or emotional baggage – available in plenty for no cost. Here again, filters are necessary. What you don’t need will always remain useless no matter whom you get it from. One of the ways of inflicting misery on ourselves is by accepting what we don’t need either because they came for free, or from someone we love or because we couldn’t say ‘NO’.

To leave you with a thought – think of a recent time where you were offered something you did not need – Did you filter? If you did, what was your filter mechanism and how is it working for you?

If you are uncomfortable using a filter because you are thinking, ‘what if it offends someone’, that my friend, is yet another classic example of filter failure. You may just be accepting a free guilt trip. Free or not free, filters are necessary. Even as you are reading this, use your filter and take only what you think is necessary.

Happy Filtering! 🙂

7 Replies to “Filter, filter on the call, what is important of them all?”

  1. wow! loved this one! It’s so true. Life is not just measured by what you get/take but what you easily let go.

    1. Thank you so much

  2. Ranu Jain 8 years ago

    True and that is what everybody needs to understand and do.

    1. Thank you 🙂

  3. Good one. Filtering certainly helps to live light. .

  4. sejal asher 4 years ago

    Wow what a filter nd at the end you ask to use filter even on your post.

    What a freedom nd at the end what a wonderful thought.


    1. Thank you

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