Love is when you find your happiness in theirs

Obsession is when you want them to find their happiness in yours.

Love is when you attract 

Obsession is when you scare them away 

Love is freedom with faith

Obsession is possessiveness with fear

Love is beyond right and wrong 

Obsession is proving right and wrong

Love is a healthy engagement

Obsession is an unhealthy preoccupation 

Love learns and stays resourceful

Obsession feels stuck and resentful

Love adds meaning to life

Obsession defeats sense in life

Love knows to let go when the apple is rotten 

Obsession holds on thinking the apple will un-rot itself 

Love is a true paradise

Obsession is a fool’s paradise 

Love is a joyful surrender

Obsession feels like futile sacrifice 

Love makes you better

Obsession makes you bitter 

Love is when you can let go

Obsession is when you cling on

When there are so many humans, 

If you fret over just one

That’s what is called obsession!

Obsession is a poison 

That neither helps you nor the other one.

Get real, get loving and get loved. 

When you understand that the other person doesn’t need your love, 

Don’t challenge their integrity and doubt yourself

Do yourself a favour and graciously move on. 

Even medicine given at the wrong time can cause damage. 

Love is no exception. Don’t try to force love down their throat. 

That then becomes an obsession. 

You can genuinely love others only when you truly love yourself.

When you truly love,

You don’t fear rejection because you know you have your acceptance already. 

We have begun to call all our monkey business and obsessions as love. Love has lost its value hence. We have abused love to such a degree that we can’t recognise true love even if it was standing in front of us. We love so that we can feel validated. We love so that we can feel complete.  We love so that something can fill our internal void. And if the love fails to do that, we attack the person and defend our love. 

True love can offer pain without suffering. 

That pain helps you grow in maturity and understanding. 

If you are unable to go through pain without calling it a torture or a suffering, 

then rest assured, what you have isn’t love. You are just obsessing. 

Love went out of the window long back. It’s your fear that makes you hold on to someone. The fear that you may not find another one. The fear that you may not love or be loved again. What comes from fear is foolishness. Not love. Unless you realise, you can’t break free. There’s no easier way to say this. Stop forcing yourself to think that your life is incomplete without someone. Give your life a better meaning. Stop dwelling on yourself. Look out there at the world, and see what can you offer so that you add meaning to your life. And help others find theirs too. 

Love is never limiting. Love is always liberating.

The one who cannot love oneself is obsessed about loving someone. 

And that obsession is so scary that it drives away the one!

A disease is a disease. We can’t call it love. 

The sooner you make peace with it, the faster you rise above. 

When we find it difficult to live with ourselves, when we find it difficult to love ourselves, how can we expect that from someone else? Before you seek external love, seek internal strength to love and accept yourself. Once you do that, love will naturally flow in abundance in your life.

No one has ever cheated us. We have been cheating ourselves by seeing things the way we want rather than seeing things the way they are. Who can be blamed now for the sorrow, that we willingly bought over ourselves?

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  1. Thanks Narmada for this detailed description about love and obsession .Certainly it is helpful to watch and modify our thinking and behavior towards the people around us..

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