I loved you for years

I failed to notice the initial signs of when we started falling apart 

Initially when I felt a bad taste I told myself,

“But this is your favourite!

You have been in love almost all your life!”

So I thought maybe it was just the day or the mood.

But then it seemed to prolong.

Time after time , interaction after interaction, I started feeling the same.

I tried ignoring the feeling.

I tried avoiding it.

The more I avoided facing it, the more it stared in my face.

I tried to make peace.

I tried to like you again.

I told myself several times

“This is your love”

So I tried again

Until one day when I couldn’t anymore!

I kept thinking there was something wrong with you all along.

So I tried changing you-

Different aspects of you

But no matter what I tried; I couldn’t get myself to like you.

I thought you changed so much that i couldn’t love you anymore.

Then I realised one day, you were just the same

I liked you for the exact same reasons that I didn’t right now.

I had changed !

And I was trying to change you to suit the tastes of a new me.

But you are just how you were meant to be.

The same green veggie!

I m sorry Bhindi!

It’s just that I couldn’t see! 😁

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