Some people talk good on your face and talk bad behind your back. It is good to watch out for those.

There are others who talk bad on your face and make you feel really guilty and shitty but talk good behind your back. They pull down your confidence and put you in ignorance about your own good – although unintentional. It damages a person’s self-image badly as you never hear about the good – unless by sheer accident. And the bad that you keep hearing constantly is good enough to pull you down. So be aware of the “good intending bad words”!! And if you happen to be one of those “good intenders with bad words” – please reconsider immediately. Don’t damage people’s image and expect them to build themselves. Help people do things with joy in their lives. Failures and setbacks are anyways a part of life. We don’t have to add to it by making a person feel bad. For sure there are plenty of examples where a bad word kindled a great response or realisation in people to achieve big things. People who achieve success this way continue to be bitter despite their success. But there are also people who have done wonders for themselves and the world because there was one person who constantly believed in them. 

When you can be that strength for a person, why choose to be anything a source of discouragement? People don’t always have to feel miserable to learn. They can learn healthily when they are in a healthy state of mind. And when they achieve things this way, they also stay grounded and humble for that one person who always believed in them. They try to be the guiding light for others around them too. The touch of love is like a magic spell. Let’s cast that spell in abundance for the people around us. 

It’s not that we should never talk to a person about something that they have not done right, but ensure that we strike a balance. If we constantly are critical of people, we should be mindful of how we may be pulling them down. However, if we are able to strike a balance and appreciate them more often than being critical, then we are helping a person build themselves in a positive fashion. And when a person is feeling loved, they are ready to love others too.

You may be doing a grave injustice by being mean to people (no matter how unintentional) by hiding or not appreciating a person’s goodness even after you noticed it. It leaves us with a lot to regret if life were to end abruptly since we never got to communicate the good things to them. We can all do with some kindness and love. 🙂

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  1. gsriramamurty 4 years ago

    Very nice. God bless you.

    1. Thank you so much 🙏

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