I made a happy one an unhappy one!
I made a childlike bud a withered one!
I gave rules instead of wings,
Instilled fears instead of confidence,
What did I do you ask?
I tried to make perfect, a natural one!
I kept correcting innocence,
I kept controlling humour,
I kept chaining freedom,
I kept preaching wisdom,
All in the name of life’s preparation!
What happened?
I destroyed it!
The bud never bloomed.
The smile faded.
Fears crept in.
I crippled it!
Now I look at the fearful, crippled, sad one and wonder what did I do wrong?
What should I have done?
Too late, it says! Now the damage is already done!
I sit with myself feeling despair and distraught knowing that nothing that I said or did can ever be unsaid or undone!
It took so much destruction for me realise that it’s better to let them make their own mistakes and learn rather than make them too afraid to even attempt one.
I could have instead just appreciated, gently nudged and silently supported them in building one by one.
Now I stand in ruins where an entire building could have easily been done!

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  1. While rereading this I am remembering in my childhood why my mother used to say ,Don’t touch Bud of flower that will not Bloom.. And we…… keep on touching buds of Human being our own creations.

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