Let discomfort be your
new comfort.

A friend once said casually, “I will be happy if you dance “. 

Since when did making you happy become my responsibility?”  I quipped instantly.

My friend did not know what to say next! We both laughed. Dramas are not my thing. I feel each of us are responsible for our lives, and no one is here to make us happy. We have to learn to be happy ourselves. 

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My aim is not to make people happy but enable them to learn how to find their internal happiness themselves.

Rewind to a decade back – and things were not the same. I was the most emotional and’ sensitive’ person around. It would be easy for me to cry for simple things. I would hold myself to ransom if others didn’t and think I am responsible for keeping others happy. So, I would overdo things. This simple story below will illustrate what I thought of myself:

There were two lizards. (I know most of us don’t like them. But well, they are beings, so with due respect, let’s be inclusive of them too). So, anyway, there were two lizards – one male, one female. They were friends.

One day, the male lizard came and told the female lizard, “Hey! Come, let’s go for a walk!”

Hearing this, the female lizard got very angry and retorted, saying, “How can you ask me that! Can’t you see what I am doing?” The male lizard was nonplussed and asked, “Why? What happened? What are you doing?”

The female lizard replied indignantly, “Can’t you see? I am holding the ceiling from falling! If I come for a walk with you, who do you think is going to hold the ceiling?”

That was me – a few years back! I thought I was going to hold the ceiling from falling on everyone’s heads! Then with various humbling experiences, I realised I was overrating myself. The ceiling is standing on its own. People have all the resources. I don’t need to overdo my part and make people feel as if I am saving them.

Phew! What a relief that was! I changed from being an ‘agony aunt’ to an enabler. And what’s more, life is drama free. Welcome to my website! Here’s where you will find the tools and resources to enable and empower yourself. I am not going to promise you the sun, moon and the stars! They are already there for you to see. I will share my experiences for what they are worth and hope you will find something of value in there for yourself. I believe we are all here to learn from each other, so no one is superior or inferior to anyone. Holding space to enable learning is essential. If we can’t create happiness for ourselves, we can never find others happy around us too! And no matter what anyone does, we can’t be happy with them as well. Hence, let’s learn to be creators of our happiness!

A dream that I am pursuing:

To be a classical dancer. I learn Kathak, by the way. 🙂

A dream that I am still dreaming:

To be a superb pianist before the end of this lifetime. I have started on this journey but moving at a slower pace.

A dream that I finished pursuing:

To explore the artist in me. I like learning things myself. I feel there’s a kick in it. So, I learnt to paint. I wouldn’t say I am fab at it. But I like that I tried and got to someplace good with it. I just wanted to know I could do it. That’s all! I still paint, but perhaps just a couple a year now!

Am I famous?

Yes! I am very famous in my house. Apart from there, here are a few others who took an interest in me:

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