Whether you love me or you hate me

Whether you respond to me or ignore

Whether you appreciate or stay quiet 

Whether you like what I do or you don’t 

It can’t and won’t bother me!

You can bother me only to the extent that I care.

I choose to not care anymore.

I choose to be free.

I choose to do things for the love of it;

Not for the applauds or approvals in it.

I approve myself!

I love myself!

I applaud myself!

I love you too – but not in a way that needs reciprocation.

I appreciate you too – but not in a way that makes me criticise myself.

I care for you too – but not in a way that cuts your freedom.

I no longer depend my existence on you!

Because each existence is meant to be on its own even as we travel together!

We are here to explore , discover and experiment our own.

Not to limit, judge and approve of each other.

I appreciate and cherish your company for as long as you are here. But I will not forget to cherish my own too.

I am not incomplete without you! Neither are you without me.

We are born complete and I am here to remind myself that:

I am a creation of the creator ! And hence, I am nothing but awesome! And so are you !

Sometimes, I may take time to realise it

And sometimes you may need time too!

But the sooner we realise, the more awesome life will be, for me and you! 

(Say this out loud with expressions 3 times – and see the difference it makes)

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