Madam, the flow of your thoughts and words carried me far ahead in the realizations that I had during the sessions. I have always been a follower of your blog. “Compelling” would be the word that I would assign to the feel that I get when I hear you speaking or while reading your blogs. Your words remain the guiding light, whenever I encounter difficult situations in my everyday life.

Having benefited by the critical feedbacks that you gave me during the sessions, I would like to thank you for all those. It was amazing how you managed to spot the fault, bring it to my awareness, and express a gentle reprimand. The manner in which the critical feedbacks were given were very subtle and I could perceive them “to sting and to soothe” at the same moment. “Genuineness and Greater Purpose” filled in the feedbacks that you gave, would make them remain etched in my memory for long. Thanks for all those words.