It is better to be on the right side of wrong rather than be on the wrong side of right.

The right side of wrong offers valuable feedback and experience to learn from. It gives us an opportunity to be humble and apologise where required. It also gives us the sense and patience to have more empathy and acceptance of others and their mistakes in the future.

The wrong side of right gives us the arrogance of being right and a pride to look down at others and demand apologies. We tend to prove others wrong to be right ourselves. That’s a sense of discrimination, condescension and judgment. All of which, alienates us from others. 

Besides, any relation that is built over the premise of ‘I am right , you are wrong’ or You owe me an apology’ – will be a shaky one.

Of what use is being right, if we are left with none at the end. Better use is a wrong that gives us a direction that’s right. 

However, wilfully do no wrong! That’s definitely not right. 

Being right is never a problem, unless you are being on the wrong side of right.

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  1. gsriramamurty 3 years ago

    Good.Though confusing the right side wrong side etc. Nice God bless you

    1. Thank you 🙂

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