We fear to hit rock bottom because it appears super scary, like a forbidden place from where we usually are – a point of no return. It feels like we can’t take it and we’ll collapse. However, most people who have hit rock bottom realised that it was their rock bottom only when they looked back at it. We might not have the clarity that we’ve hit rock bottom while we are still going through with it – because anything that was worse than before would appear like a  rock bottom until the next bad phase comes in. When you going through that phase, it might be overwhelming, daunting, uncertain, and hopeless. Somehow you push yourself to go through it moment by moment, day after day. And finally, when you look back at it, you’ll be so surprised that you made it through all of it. 

Life sometimes turns out much worse than anything we could’ve imagined. If anyone ever asked us to imagine going through such a situation before, we would’ve said, ‘No way!’ And we would’ve dreaded it.  But, we surprise ourselves with an unimaginable amount of grit and strength when life decides to shock us. We would’ve never known that we could’ve done it ourselves. And hence, hitting rock-bottom has its own benefits as below: 

  • You’ll know the depth.
  • You’ll know that you can still last.
    • You’ll have significant insights and realizations about yourself, people, and the world around you.
  • And you’ll be fearless knowing that you can face anything. 
  • You get a renewed sense of confidence and self-worth as a result of emerging from rock-bottom and springing back to life. 

If we remind ourselves that we always have the strength corresponding to our troubles, to meet with them and see them through, we’ll stop spending so much time worrying and trying to be perfect all the time. We’ll be gracious learners and enthusiastic humans. We’ll also be compassionate beings knowing that rock bottom is something that can happen to anyone anytime. It is not an exclusive event reserved for a few. It could be emotional, financial, or something else too. Like everything else, it is a phase, and it too shall pass! 

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