Some are there when the sun shines bright Some are there when the stars shine at night Some are there when the seasons change Some are there when calamities are in sight And there are some owing to birth right There (2)

The objective of knowing what kind of relationships you hold is so that you have realistic expectations according to the nature of the relationship with each person. It is not to judge, or point fingers. But to observe and understand the nature of each relationship.

Expecting the wrong thing from the wrong relationship makes relationships go awry and make us feel disappointed unnecessarily. But if you understand that a certain relationship that might be important for you but maybe just an option for the other person, you will set your expectations accordingly. Likewise, it may be the reverse in some other cases too. Remembering that we don’t necessarily value relationships, in the same way, will help us avoid unnecessary expectations and confrontations thereof. When someone is clear about your priority in their life, anything that you say beyond their boundary will appear like a drama to them. Let alone value, they might not even understand it. And frankly, we can’t blame them too. Their priorities are different. So, don’t waste your time at the wrong tree. The longer you spend trying to understand why they aren’t growing in the same direction as you, the more you’ll miss connecting and making sense of other beautiful things around. It’s not that they aren’t worth your time. But just that you may be missing other things that may be a better use of your time. Wearing a lens of disappointment, the whole world might appear like a disappointment. And that’s perhaps not worth it!

There is definitely no dearth for humans on earth, and no dearth for wonderful humans too. While you may be wasting time at the wrong person, someone else in need might be waiting to be loved and accepted by someone like you. There are enough needs and enough people to fulfill the needs in this world. We just need to pair up appropriately to make proper use of ourselves and resources.

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