When you don’t get desperate to change what’s outside of you, when you don’t try to avoid it or escape, when you stop resisting it and fighting with it, when you stop finding fault with it to the extent that you can’t coexist with it – that’s when it’ll start changing for the better. That’s when you’ll be able to influence a change better too! Ask yourself, ‘What should I develop within myself so that I can compassionately look at this situation and influence it better?’

When you can observe it with amusement, when you give yourself the choice to be yourself no matter what’s happening outside, when your state isn’t controlled by the events outside, that’s when things start to sort themselves out. When you feel bad, ask yourself – ‘is it worth feeling bad about this if this was my last day on earth! What would I rather want to do, if this was the last moment and I just had these in front of me?’

When you stop laying conditions for your happiness, when you work happily towards your dreams without waiting to be happy till those dreams come true, that’s when life starts working in your favour. Don’t keep measuring results, keep track of your efforts. Ask yourself, ‘Am I doing all that I can, and all that I should?’

When you love and accept yourself without waiting to be accepted by others, that’s when you are most accepted by others. That’s when you’ll truly find yourself in great company and with a beautiful capacity to love others too. Always ask yourself, ‘Am I truly being grateful enough?’

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