• Take a break. Sometimes, looking at things too closely and intensely makes us lose the larger perspective. So it is good to take a break, even if it is for a short bit, and get back with a fresh lens. 
  • Jump around – muscles become loose when you freely jump around releasing bodily stress and thereby relaxing you mentally too. Also, oxygen intake increases, enabling u to think more clearly.
  • Seek help. Talk to a friend or a professional. Always worth giving a shot. Even the worst case scenario is not as bad as feeling stuck and lonely at the same time. 
  • Don’t take any major decisions because that feeling of being stuck will likely spill over into other areas of your life making you want to withdraw or do something that you otherwise wouldn’t.
  • Watch something funny. Laughing gives the body and mind an instant release of positivity.
  • Take a short nap if you can or simply close your eyes. It refreshes your mind.

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