Have you ever wondered why sometimes people fail to notice your excellence? Why they fail to celebrate it or wish to be a part of it? It can be disheartening at times but worry not! This could be the missing link.

At times, what we tend to do is use our excellence alone as a point to connect with others. That’s the one that disconnects people from us the most. It’s tough to be around someone who’s all the time about them and their excellence in some shape and form. Your excellence shouldn’t be such that it would prevent or intimidate others from connecting with you. It should be such that it endears others to connect with you and learn from you. So, here are a few things that we can focus on:

  1. Genuinely be involved with people on a regular basis 
  2. Truly notice and celebrate others’ excellence often
  3. Be aware of your excellence – not arrogant about it
  4. Don’t use your excellence as a reason to look down on others or insist them to learn from it. That’s when people get put off by it.
  5. Don’t advise often 
  6. Be a humble listener, even if you know what they are talking about (which means don’t sit with an ‘I know’ face. Sit with an ‘I hear you’ face).
  7. Stop expecting everyone to rise up to you. Each have their own something that’s better than yours. So, respect uniqueness. 
  8. See how your excellence can be used in any shape and form for the larger benefit of others too. Every excellence is a blessing.

My mentor once told me this sentence that I can never forget – It’s better to be an ordinary person with extraordinary talent rather than being an extraordinary person. I never knew that distinction until then. It struck me that being an extraordinary person will not allow people to connect with us. And the bottom line is – we are all ordinary people outside of our talents. And ordinary is awesome! Ordinary is normal. Ordinary is necessary. There is only so much of newness or surprise you can handle from life even. There is a certain amount of normal or common that humans need. That’s what keeps us connected as humanity. Always strive for excellence – but let that not be a point of disconnect. Excellence is inspiring when you are understandable, not exclusive. 

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