It’s going to add value. But you still don’t know what is it about. Thank you for coming this far and continuing to read. If you don’t know me, and if you don’t have any idea of whether I could possibly add value and if you still continue to read, congratulate yourselves! You have what it takes! You have a quality that will enhance the quality of your life! Even though the stakes are low here, yet, if you have demonstrated that skill in this context, it means you have the ability and can demonstrate it in other contexts too. 

Life is uncertain! Even the best predictor says 99% chance of something happening. Which means there are no guarantees in life. And there are no guarantees for life too! The only guarantee is that of uncertainty. Hence, this one quality can either make or break your life.

What happens to you when things get uncertain? Are you able to deal with it or do you feel jittery and anxious? Are you someone who likes to know the agenda, outline, or plan before you get into anything? Or are you someone who can take a few risks and feel enthusiastic in an unknown situation?

It doesn’t mean it’s wrong to want to know or plan ahead. But life doesn’t always go as planned. Are you comfortable dealing with sudden surprises that can come along the way? This means the need for certainty, predictability, or a plan doesn’t control you. You control your need.

The quality we are exploring is TRUST! Do you have the capacity to trust – no matter how bad your past has been and how bleak your future is appearing?

To trust life – there are two things that we need to believe in:

  1. To know that nothing that is truly yours can ever be taken from you. If someone took something, then maybe we owe it to them somehow or their need is larger than ours. 
  2. That every experience brings with itself valuable learning for us. It wasn’t a coincidence that we landed ourselves in that situation. It was meant to be since it was important for us to learn something there. It is going to make us richer in some way.

When we find it difficult to trust, it means we don’t trust that we have the ability to deal with any situation.

When life gives us what we want, trust comes easily. That’s not called trust. But when life doesn’t give us what we want, if we still believe that life has better plans for us – that’s when we’ll be able to look at the bigger picture and know that it isn’t the end of life.

If you are looking for watermelons and life hands you lemons instead, what do you do? To make lemonade you need to trust that life has better plans for you. Else, you’ll only find the lemons bitter.

Life, with all its experience, is always adding value to you. To see it, you got to trust it!

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