A lot of times I am asked, “I practise positive thinking, yet things don’t happen the way I wanted. Why is that?” Or, I hear statements like, “Positive thinking doesn’t work”. Well, here are 3 things that you may be missing out while practising positive affirmations or thoughts.

1. Never feel bad for wishing good for yourself. It’s important to feel good while wishing good. Only then will it happen! A positive thought has to be accompanied with a positive feeling!

2. Trust! The more you doubt your affirmation, the less likely it is going to come true. Trust that it will happen. Don’t think how! Just believe in it first. If you don’t believe, the universe can’t make it happen! For example, “I want a job but who will hire me! I am not qualified.”

3. Singularity of thought! If you have two opposing thoughts – the universe won’t know which one to grant – so nothing will move forward. Hence, think of one thing and fix on it. For example, if you want a job, stick to that. Don’t waver on ‘should I do a job or should I do my own thing’. Or, you want to work abroad but you follow up that thought with, ‘should I work abroad or in my own country’ etc.

The most important thing for any dream to come true is for us to fearlessly pursue it with all our heart and soul. If we don’t take action, nothing can happen! There is always something that you can do today for what you want tomorrow! It’s important to commit to it and do it! If we do all the above and fail to take any step towards materialising our dreams, then they won’t come true. It’s natural to have fear ! But it’s important to not let it stop you. Stay focused on what you want – at all times and at all costs! Guaranteed you’ll get there!

P.S.- if you want to know how to deal with fear or overcome it , you can refer to a related video here or read some of my previous blogs on fear. God bless! And May all your dreams come true!

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