There were mosquitoes that were biting me last night while I was trying to sleep.

I thought, who is responsible for it?

Who left the doors open?

Why this sudden increase in mosquitoes?

Why isn’t the mosquito repellent working? This brand isn’t good.

As I was lost in my intense thoughts and judgments about them and all things related to them, the mosquitoes didn’t give much about it. They went about their business. 

When I had more than enough of it, I jumped out of my bed, went to the hall, got myself another mosquito repellent that was in the hall and plugged it in near me. That did the trick. No more mosquitoes and I slept through the night.

Life and spirituality is just that much I realised. Figure out what do I need to do at any given point. That’s all! The rest isn’t my business.

And no, I don’t need to make a heroic story of my survival with the mosquitoes because I sent them in my life to bite me so that I have this profound realisation. They were just doing their job. I neither need to play a victim nor a hero in this tale with mosquitoes. Way too much of my time gets lost in in deciding who should get the title of a hero and villain of a story. When the reality is that there are none. Each is just a mosquito playing it’s part. I am one such from a different species. 

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