Are you choosing to be invisible in life? Are you convincing yourself that you don’t need to be noticed and you don’t have it in you to get noticed? You couldn’t be further away from the truth. 

No matter how small, how insignificant, how unimportant we are, none of us should ever downplay ourselves by choosing to be invisible. A small smile from you can make a person rethink their suicide plan, or give relief from their feeling of not being cared for. A simple acknowledgment from your end can make a person feel noticed and worth their life. An appreciation from your end can make someone feel their efforts are valued and might motivate them to do better.  

When we focus on our pain, our life, our misfortunes, or our lack of confidence, and our fears, we’ll never be able to overcome them. To notice another, we need to shift our focus from ourselves. If I am choosing to be invisible, I may be self-obsessed, since I may be spending all my time only thinking of my own fears and discomfort. Life will grow gloomier by the day, no solutions will ever be good enough, and life will never feel worth it. Instead, if we focus on others every once in a while, we’ll notice how lonely or thankless their lives might be and consider adding to the quality of their existence. 

There are so many true stories of how a casual smile, or a simple hello from a random person has made someone feel worthy of themselves again or at least given them the hope to approach someone for hope again. The only way to find the strength to deal with your problems is when you stop obsessing over your own and look at others’ too. Think about the security person at your apartment or office, think about the cleaners, think about so many people who are constantly contributing in their own ways towards making you feel safe, secure, and clean. Know their names, remember their names, enquire about their well-being. Appreciate those at home, notice the small things that they do for you and thank them. The more you give these small gifts to others, the more you will receive too. The more you receive, the more you understand the value of life and the simple gestures. You don’t have to move mountains to change the world. You just have to smile and stop trying to be invisible. No one will care for you if you don’t care about yourself. Just as well, no one will care for you if you care too much about yourself too! The fact that you are here and alive today means your presence is essential for the world. Which means you cannot and should choose to be invisible or insignificant. 

Take a chance, put yourself out there. Even if you get hurt, the universe will send someone again to help you heal. When you get hurt, you understand the importance of not hurting others. When you feel judged, you understand you shouldn’t be judging too. Life is offering valuable lessons. Don’t hide! Put yourself out there and live life king size. You’ll have yourself to be thankful for, whenever your life ends! To go through good things in life without being thankful is the most ungrateful thing we could do! And the worst thing you could do for yourself when life is about to end is to regret that you never lived! 

It doesn’t require talent, intellect, great knowledge, money or power to make a positive contribution to the world. It takes a grateful heart, pleasant face and kind words! That’s all! That isn’t much, is it?

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