Whether you want it or not, whether you like it not, you are turning into that person whom you have a lot of emotions for – doesn’t matter whether it is love or hate. The more intense the emotion, the more likely you are becoming that person unconsciously. 

Ironically, for a lot of humans, negative emotions are held much stronger than positive emotions. For example, dislike for someone might be much more intense than love for someone. In which case, we might time out to become the one whom we dislike more than the one whom we like or idolize – if our negative emotions are stronger and more intense that is. 

Similarly, what or who do you talk about most often. People who inspire you or people who irritate you? Incidents that make you better or things that annoy you. 

What do you think of most often?

  • Your misfortunes or your blessings?
  • The strengths that helped you survive or what you don’t like in yourself?
  • Your mistakes or your learnings.
  • About your problems or finding solutions?

Whatever you do more of, is what you’ll be more of, find more of. Your present is determining your future. Not your past. The choices that you are making in the present, in terms of what you are paying attention to, what you are thinking about, and what you most often talk about is shaping who you are becoming. Watch out! And pay attention to what you are paying attention to!

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