The other day my friend was talking to my 2 and half year old niece and casually asked her – what’s your favourite color? She looked down at her multi-coloured dress, and started reading out color by color. We both laughed. We thought it was such an amazing response. Your favourite is what you have right now! How simple and beautiful is that!

That’s her keeping herself an everyone entertained! Kids are never bored being with themselves!

Just to see what would be the response again, I asked the same question yesterday. She looked at me. I was wearing black. She said, “black”. I again asked her “and what else is your favourite”. She looked at my water bottle which was pink and said, “pink”! The third time I asked her, she looked at her dress and said, “white”! I gave her a kiss for her amazing capacity to enjoy the present and form such inclusive connections with people.

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