There are only unrealistic fears! Most of our fears have actually never come true! Yet we believe in them without a doubt. We believe in them more than we believe in anything else in the world. We choose to be misguided more by our fears than be guided by our dreams.

I had a dream too. I was told by every single person that I shared it with, that it was unrealistic. They asked me to get real. But you know what, it did come true after all! I never gave up on it. Wished it from the bottom of my heart and life pleasantly surprised me by making it come true.

The world can be against your dream. Doesn’t matter. You don’t be against it yourself. Support your dream. Nurture it! Work for it and it will come true. You don’t need the entire world to believe in your dream. Even if it’s only you believe in it strongly, it will come true.

There are some dreams where we don’t even know what does it take to make it come true. That’s when it looks even more unrealistic. But what happens when you believe in it is you start recognising signs, ways and means to achieve it as and when you see them. When you don’t passionately believe in your dream, you won’t notice all the resources around you that might help you in realising the dream.

Imagine this – a musician and a sportsperson are going in a car. By the time they reach their destination, the musician would have noticed all shops and places related to music enroute and the sportsperson would have noticed the sports related ones. Everything exists in the universe. But we only find what we are looking for actively. Not passively. When we are passive, we might not notice the biggest tree right in front of our eyes.

People find dreams unrealistic because they’ve never seen it happen before. Doesn’t mean they can’t happen in the future. People’s prediction is based on their past. Dreams are based on your vision for the future. Anyone who projects the past onto their future, will not get a different future. Hence, don’t believe the ones speaking from the past. Believe your heart that beats for the dream.

Dreams aren’t goals. They are bigger and beyond that. A dream is your vision for the future.

You don’t need to know the way to believe the dream. Believe in the dream and trust yourself and the belief will show you the way. The important question to ask yourself is – what’s important about this dream? The more stronger your purpose, the greater will be your conviction. The greater your conviction, the more you are ready to do what it takes for it. And if you are ready, the universe is ready to support you too! May all your dreams come true!

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