When you are not against people, people also cannot be against you. And even if they happen to be, it may not affect you.

Like Gandhiji wasn’t against the British. He was against the British ruling our country. So, he was able to respectfully fight them. In turn, the British too, had a great amount of respect for him.

Doing the right things for the right reasons is important. The conviction, confidence, poise, grace, elegance and consistency come when you are doing the right things for the right reasons.

People are merely reflections of what they have seen. If people don’t know how to be any better, then they haven’t seen any better. So, it is time for you to show them by being better so that they may be inspired to learn. It doesn’t mean let people walk all over you. Like Gandhiji fought for the country’s freedom. But he did it in a way that makes the nation look up to him as the Father of the nation. He showed them by being gracious but didn’t give up on what’s important to him. Be it civil disobedience, Satyagraha, non-cooperation, Swadesi products or any of these movements, there was a graceful, yet assertive way in which he stood for what he valued. Pulling them down wasn’t his objective. Making India a free nation was his objective.

So, you aren’t fighting against evil. You are fighting for what’s good. In the process you may be removing evil, but strengthening the good is the focus.

Don’t make people pay for their sins. How do you know whats the appropriate amount to be paid – how do you know what’s the end point of it? It’s not like a balance sheet. It never is.

Only if I am not confident or know my self worth, I will be swayed by what people think of me or speak of me. I can’t determine how people are towards me but I can definitely,  and most certainly define how I am towards myself. My happiness isn’t and doesn’t have to be so fragile that it will be determined by what or how others are towards me. And it doesn’t have to determine how I will be towards them either.


5 Replies to “What are you fighting for?”

  1. Narmada!!!

    Well said!! I m trying my best to focus on good things!! Honestly attempting, hopefully it becomes as my behaviour… I would be very happy

    All the best dear!!

    1. Thank you Komi! I am sure it will and may be it already is at one level:)

  2. Fighting respectfully – a great thought! Thank you.
    We need this in abundance.
    We would then not be fighting against people or cultures.
    We will only fight for something and as we are fighting we may learn something from each other and the world will learn from them both – Gandhiji undoubtedly left that legacy!

    1. Thank you Sir 🙂

  3. To me, you showed the difference between responding and reacting. I appreciate the wisdom in this writing.
    We can only act respectively. I do not even wish to call it as fight. We just work for “our rights” – Without offending others.

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