I started a challenge on April 5th, 2020 for myself – a discipline challenge, a flexibility challenge, a thought challenge – to write something every day. The first few days were easy. I had enough thoughts to say. About 30 days later, I was thinking to myself, did I over-commit? What could I possibly write about every day? Then I thought – if I am alive and living, I’ll always have something to ponder about. As long as I am alive, I couldn’t possibly run out of things to say. With that confidence, I continued. I didn’t have an end date or a goal per se. I only challenged to write and see how far I can go with it. Today’s is my 99th post. While one part of me said let’s celebrate the 100th tomorrow, another part of me said, let’s celebrate the 99th today. Why 99? Why not wait for a 100? Well, that’s the thing. I am glad I reached here today. If I were to cease to exist tomorrow, at least I would’ve announced I am here today. Why am I being so dramatic? Death is not drama. Death is real. As real as life itself. I am excited today about tomorrow. And hence celebrating today too. 🙂

It is not the end achievement but the pursuit of a goal that gives meaning to our life. 

When we celebrate small wins, we don’t become complacent. We become even more confident. 

I challenged myself only in terms of writing. But today, I am disciplined in some other areas of my life too. Any change that you make to yourself in any context will inspire and influence your behaviors in other contexts too. The kick of sticking to your word, the delight of living unto a commitment, gives such a high, you don’t seek any external validation anymore. You are validating yourself because you see yourself as capable. There are no small wins. Every effort needs to be noticed and celebrated because it shows that you haven’t given up. It is easy to celebrate milestones. But it is important to celebrate the efforts in between that led you to your milestone.

At times, people are pursuing a life without confidence. With anxieties and fears. A simple way to beat those is when you applaud yourself for your efforts. It doesn’t matter even if you miss here and there, keep the focus on getting back. Not on punishing for what was missed. I randomly started one fine day – and look at the divine coincidence – today, my 99th daily-post also happens to coincide with the 7 year anniversary of the company that I co-founded – Master Yourself Academy. When we are willing, more such divine coincidences happen. More miracles come your way.
7 years of transforming lives and adding meaning. My gratitude to all our thousands of delegates these last 7 years for trusting us and being a part of our extended family. You came to learn and helped us learn a lot in the process too. 

It didn’t really matter how many viewed or how many liked it because I was writing to fulfill my commitment. It was such a shift! When you are clear on your objective, most other things don’t seem to matter anymore. Doing something for yourself gives you the courage to keep going. I never used to post anything unless someone else had proofread my writing in the past. But the last 99 days were different. I had to post. There was no time to waste in the frivolous pursuit of perfection. Like Richard Bach says, “Perfection is an illusion.” Progress was important. I am getting better every day because I am continuing to do it. That’s what matters. Continue or cease? The goal, end state, nothing was clear. Neither is it even now. Discipline was what was my focus and that is what I have today. Super happy for it. Tomorrow maybe 100. But I am happy for the 99 today and looking forward to the 100. Not waiting to be happy when I reach 100. 

Thank you dear readers for reading and liking my posts. I have at times seen that we like someone’s work if they like our work too. But you all have been absolutely large-hearted in your acceptance of my work. I am grateful to you for such unconditional acceptance.   Truly humbled!

I am now thinking if I should reduce the frequency of posting. But haven’t decided yet. Maybe instead of every day, I’ll get down to one every 2 or 3 days. They say excess of anything isn’t good. So, as I revisit, I am happy to have come this far. Creating new content every single day has been quite a challenge sometimes. But I loved the challenge. Giving up was never an option. And that’s what got me here today in this shape and form. Thanks a bunch, everyone! Sending my best wishes to you! May your kindness stand you in good stead always!

Love and best wishes,


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  1. Congratulations Narmada for special day today. Your writings give me the direction and strength to thoughts for remaining on the road , so I wish many more could be benefited . Yes progress is important & perfection is illusion, and celebrating every achievement in between the journey multiplies our energy. Whether you like everyday or sometimes(it’s your choice), those will keep enlightening the path . Thank you .

    1. Thank you so much Shashi ji for all the encouragement 🙂

  2. Congratulations for huge accomplishment!!

  3. gsriramamurty 4 years ago

    Excellent,I wish you continue this per your convenience,as I love to read some thing from your desk as a habit. Wish you all the best. God bless you.

    1. Thank you so much for the encouraging words! Definitely will🙏

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